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Added: 04/12/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   With a dedicated IP what can I do to improve email delivery rates?

Answer    The IP would allow you to start building your own reputation for sending emails.  There are several things that can be done to help email delivery.  The largest factor is your reputation (what percentage of the emails you send are read vs marked as spam).

Also, getting members to whitelist their email with their email service provider (Yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc) helps.  Also, we can setup Sender IP, DKIM, and apply for whitelists with providers that allow it.  Most providers require a 3 month history before applying.  Return Path (returnpath.com) offers email certification which helps with delivery with many providers.  They charge $200-$500 annual fee, plus a setup fee, and require you to have a history of 3 months of emails being sent.

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Q. Is it possible to use a third party email delivery service (SMTP) with the system?

A. It's possible to use a separate SMTP server, but the email accounts for members won't work.  This won't prevent anything from function (like notifications), just they will no longer have their own email account.

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Q. What can cause a contact NOT to show that they've opened an email?

A. GMail, Yahoo, and many other ESP's often do not show images in an email unless a person clicks a link saying it's ok to show the images.  If they don't click that link and images are never shown within the email then it will not track the message as being opened.  Also, if the email is not an html email it will not track the message being opened.

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Q. What can we do to improve our email delivery rates and prevent getting blacklisted?

  • Establish a good email reputation by not sending out emails that could be considered spam and by not sending emails too frequently.  The more useful an email is, the better.
  • Have your Members follow the whitelist instructions to whitelist your domain name.  Possibly provide a reward for them doing it if possible.
  • Ask your Members to open each email they receive, and not delete without opening, as it is suspected that many ESP's (Email Service Providers) monitor these actions.
  • Do not send emails which only contain images, but no (or very little) text.  This is seen as being a sign of spam by many ESP's.
  • Limit how often OR how many emails your Members can send.
  • Learn more about improving email deliver.

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Q. Does the software do pre-recorded phone auto-dialer responder delivery?

A. With the SMS Marketing Tool it is possible to upload mp4 files and have it call Contacts/Members and play the audio when the person answers the phone.

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Q. I'm concerned about blacklisting of your auto-responders IP,what are you doing to provent this from happening? How or what is the deliver ability of the emails that are sent out by your auto responder?

A. To handle spam we charge email overages and use that to determine a sites usage instead of bandwidth or other methods.

Our email delivery is not perfect. It is typically better than others because we charge for emails,
plus good enough where you can largely develope YOUR OWN reputation with negative impact from us (a more neutral launching pad).
Also, if a bigger issue, we offer dedicated servers with dedicated IPs that we manage 

NOTE: Additional setup fee's will apply.

Then, you can do a wide range of additional things (like purchasing certification, 100% own reputation, etc).

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Q. How good is your email deliverability for hosted system?

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