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Added: 03/19/2013   |   Updated: 8 Years Ago

Question   Can a site be replicated onto a member's personal domain instead of domainname.com/username the site would replicate onto uniquedomain.com?

Answer    A piggyback domain can be added to the system, and then it can replicate for the member.  However, the piggyback has to be hosted on our server (not on the member's own hosting account).  Also, members can use forwarding with masking (or frames) to do a similar affect (this can be done through the company they purchased their domain name from).

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Q. Can I create a sub domain so it looks like training.MYdomainNAME.com? If it can be done, would I be able to do the above with WordPress?


Subdomains for Members

By default, all members have a sub domain created for them for their primary page.  The sub domain looks like: username.mydomainname.com

Subdomains for other Purposes

Yes, a sub domain can added and you can do anything you want with that subdomain.  Any member with a username that matches the subdomain would not be able to use the subdomain for their primary page.

Shared Hosting
If you have shared hosting then we would need to edit the DNS records on our end as a support request. When doing this, we can have the sub domain point to another hosting account (where you have hosting elsewhere) and we will have the subdomain point to it.  Then, you can do whatever you like on that separate hosting account (exa: install WordPress).

Dedicated Server
If you have a dedicated server with us then on the server page you can add a domain for the server and it creates a folder for it.  When doing it this way you would enter the full domain (exa: subdomain.mydomain.com).  WordPress or anything else you want can be installed in that folder for that subdomain.

WordPress Multisite

When using the WordPress tool you are unable to do subdomains for that WordPress site.  The WordPress tool uses WordPress multisite so each member has their own login to WordPress to manage their own blog.

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Q. What is the difference between buying a domain name and doing piggy back vs us buying the same domain name and paying you for the transfer?

A. If you transfer your domain name then you will no longer have the old domain name,
and people will login at the new domain name to access their members area.

If you do a piggyback domain then you keep the old domain,
and people would login at the old domain, not the new piggyback domain.

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Q. How can my members have their own domain?

A. Yes, you can do this.  There are two options:

1) Have them purchase the domain from your site or have them import the domain. This can be done from /admin/domains.php.  If done this way then the member can setup directories and assign pages from /admin/pages.php to the directories and for the home page.

2) Have them setup their domain name to forward to the capture page.

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Q. How do I change WordPress from one domain to another domain in the mysql database using php code?

A. The code below can be used to modify the paths used inside of WordPress when transferring to a new domain, or to a new path on the same domain. Only run the file once and then delete it from the server. Also, first backup the database incase you run into any issues.

Additional Steps:
Make sure to update wp_options table where you see former domain name to using the new domain.
In WP Multisite (Our WP Replicating Blog feature) you must also update the wp_blogs table where you see the old domain in the domain field for each site.

Ask For Clarification

Q. When changing the domain name for my software once I give you the new domain to host, how long will it take to change it over to your server, and how many credits will that take?

A. You can see the price to change the domain name on the products page in the software addons section. You can purchase a domain transfer through the shopping cart on the page for your site inside of the WMT client admin. Transferring a domain is a "Task", not a support request, so you are charged a one time for each transfer, you will not consume support credits. However, there may be side affects from the transfer where things links still point to the old domain and/or places where the old name still appears.  Time spent fixing these issues are charged as a support request and not included in the set price.  We do not check for such issues and you would need to send us a list of issues in a support request for us to fix them.  Most transfers with just 1 or 2 pages do not have this issue, but if there is an issue it normally costs less then $25 worth of credits to fix all of the pages.

Transferring the domain take only a couple of hours and is usually done at night as your site will be down during the process. Our software designer will transfer your site. It may take 1-3 days for your task to be worked on (depending on the current work load). You will be contacted when it is time to point your new domain to our servers.

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