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Added: 09/16/2012   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   Can i replicate my current software on another domain with the exact same pages and everything except to go to a different landing page and autoresponder messages?

Answer    Yes, you can do that.  Our term for it is: Piggyback Domain.

A piggyback domain would be a extra Fee, also this does not include installing any pages on the piggyback domain.
It only includes setting up the domain so it is attached to the software.
Installing any pages would be the normal fee for installing a page.
If copying existing pages that are already installed, it is cheapest to have them copied over as a support request.

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Q. How do I change WordPress from one domain to another domain in the mysql database using php code?

A. The code below can be used to modify the paths used inside of WordPress when transferring to a new domain, or to a new path on the same domain. Only run the file once and then delete it from the server. Also, first backup the database incase you run into any issues.

Additional Steps:
Make sure to update wp_options table where you see former domain name to using the new domain.
In WP Multisite (Our WP Replicating Blog feature) you must also update the wp_blogs table where you see the old domain in the domain field for each site.

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Q. Can a site be replicated onto a member's personal domain instead of domainname.com/username the site would replicate onto uniquedomain.com?

A. A piggyback domain can be added to the system, and then it can replicate for the member.  However, the piggyback has to be hosted on our server (not on the member's own hosting account).  Also, members can use forwarding with masking (or frames) to do a similar affect (this can be done through the company they purchased their domain name from).

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Q. Is it possible to have our entire software set up on a different domain name without having to switch hosting?

A. Yes, you can add additional domains to your software that replicate out pages for each Member.  Our term for this is "PiggyBack Domains". 
Below is a link to a document where we are attaching more information about it in the near future.


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Q. How do I edit my auto response message subject line and the from field?

To edit the autoresponse message content and subject line, go to Edit Autoresponse Messages in the Admin section of your Members Area. Then click on the edit icon for the message you wish to edit.  In the editor the Subject and Message sections can be edited. 

To edit the From email message field, go to Advanced Features in the Admin section of your Members Area.  Then click Email Settings and then make your selection for the drop down menu for Email From Email

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Q. what does the setting "Preload AR Messages" mean?

A. It means that when a member joins they will have the autoresponder messages preloaded into their account.  So if they are preloaded then when the member goes to the autoresponder page they will see all the messages loaded and they won't have to do anything.  If they are not preloaded then when the member goes to the autoresponder page they will not have them loaded and will have to click the button on the right side to load the messages.

This setting can be controlled under advanced features to control all messages.  If it is turned on under advanced features it can also be specified when editing a contact group for messages belonging to that specific contact group.

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Q. How long does it typically take for change of domain name servers to take effect?
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Q. When changing the domain name for my software once I give you the new domain to host, how long will it take to change it over to your server, and how many credits will that take?
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Q. Do autoresponders keep going out when an account is suspended or do they stop?
Q. How do I setup an autoresponder message (exa: on vacation message) using Gmail?
Q. How do I setup an autoresponder message (exa: on vacation message) using Outlook?
Q. How do I edit the description text on the join (create account) page for the boxes that have the question marks?
Q. If you are having your contacts go into your WMT provided autoresponder and then add a 3rd party autoresonder like Aweber.. will your contacts get follow up emails from the WMT autoresponder?
Q. What is an active/converted contact vs. any other?

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