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How do I setup a Facebook app?

Added: 05/04/2016   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   How do I setup a Facebook app?

Answer    We have several tools that require apps to be setup in Facebook.  Each app is slightly different.  The easiest of them is the Facebook Add Contact tool.  We recommend starting with this one if you will setup many of them as this will get you used to setting up Facebook apps.

Below is a guide updated May 5th, 2016 showing how to setup a Facebook app with Facebook's new interface:
CLICK HERE to learn how to setup a Facebook Add Contact app.

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Q. I want to create a variable for member's facebook page where the variable links to a facebook button that I will design on a capture page - how do I link the variable to the button?

A. To link variable to facebook page URL, replace Facebook page name with variable code in the Wysiwyg editor.

www.facebook.com/~VARCODE~            // VARCODE to be replaced with your variable code as follows

Copy variable code from member variables page

Member Variables

display dynamic info
Also you can display all available variables already created from Edit pages-> Click on the page you want to edit -> View/Info -> Dynamic info (~~)
All variables will be listed at the right panel.

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Q. How do I add facebook comments to the bottom of a page?

A. Below is the code to insert to add facebook comments to a page (exa: members area home page /admin)

Replace "http://example.com" with your website domain

You can control the displayed number of posts by changing "data-num-posts" value

Also you can control plugin width by changing "data-width" value.

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Q. Can people pull their facebook profile pic in if they login with facebook?

A. Yes, it does pull their pic from their Facebook profile if they haven't already uploaded a pic.

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Q. When contacts come through is there a way to tell which advertisement they are coming from?

A. You are able to define a tracking campaign; the tracking information is included in the notification email that is sent and also stored in the members Area.

There is a section in the members area where you and your members can create url's to track different tracking campaigns when using a capture page. 

Also, you can specify the tracking yourself by adding a hidden field to the form with the name "tracking" and for the value the title of the tracking campaign.

Also, you can append tracking details on the end of a URL of a page. For example if your URL looks like this:
To add a tracking campaign titled facebook you will add it to the end like this:

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Q. Where is the importer/inviter in the Member Area and how do I use it?

A. When you go to edit a capture page there is an option to turn it on/off for the page.  There is also a section available to the admin called "Social API Settings" where it has your keys from the apps created for each service, as well as the ability to customize which group contacts are added to, and default title/message/url for the facebook blaster.  If your prefer, we can paste any updates into the Social API Settings for you.

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Q. Is a Contact Group the same thing as Trackings?

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