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Added: 11/28/2013   |   Updated: 7 Years Ago
Setup Facebook Add Contact APP

Below are instructions to create an app within your Facebook account that adds the person as a contact.

Go to Facebook Developers section: CLICK HERE to visit developers.facebook.com to setup app

Facebook Setup App Step 1

Click on My Apps then click Add a New App.

Facebook Setup App Step 2

Select Website as the type of platform.

Facebook Setup App Step 3

If you see a quick start screen or something similar click Skip and Create Appp ID

Facebook Setup App Step 4

Enter values for your app.  For namespace you can use your domain name plus contactadd like our example: ripbyrdcontactadd.  Then click Create App ID.

Facebook Setup App Step 5

Go to settings and fill out the information.  For site URL you need to first add platform (below) and the site URL should be your home page (http://yourdomain.com)

Facebook Setup App Step 6

To add the platform click Add Platform and select Website.  Doing this does not reload the page. After doing this and entering the site url click save changes.

Facebook Setup App Step 7

Click the Advanced tab and in the valid oAuth redirect URIs section enter http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/admin/facebookaddcontact.php then save changes.

Facebook Setup App Step 8

Go back to dashboard or settings and get your App ID and App Secret.

Facebook Setup App Step 9

Put your App ID and App secret from the previous step into the Facebook Add Contact App ID and Facebook Add Contact App Secret fields.  For the redirect URL put the page you want a person taken to after clicking the button to add themselves as a contact through Facebook. Save Changes.

You can test your app by visiting:

CLICK HERE to see a working example on our demo site.

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How do I setup a Facebook app?

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