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What is a Capture Page?
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Added: 10/20/2014   |   Updated: 7 Years Ago

What is a Capture Page?

A capture page is a landing page (a single web page) with the purpose of generating leads.  Every capture page has an optin form that once filled out redirects the new lead to a new page and/or sends them an email.

Should I use a capture page for my business?

Many online marketers talk about the money being in the list. This is very true and most people seem to not understand what is meant by this. Well the idea is to build a contact base or audience of people who want to hear what you have to say. If you are talking to a room full of five year olds about the greatest online business in history, chances are that you will not only not have any new business associates, but also your audience will not be interested in the message you are putting out there.

By creating a targeted list of people who are interested in your product you will be more likely to experience success instead of failure. A big problem in online business is the purchasing of contact lists. Ha-ha, this is bad news. Most people don't seem to know that these companies that sell contact lists sell the same list to more than one person, so the people that are on the list are getting bombarded by an entire slew of business people trying to "get them".

Why are capture pages important in online business?

The smart action to take is to find a way to build a list of people through your own efforts so that the list is 100% yours and you know that the same list of people have not been sold to someone else. This is to your benefit in a big way. Think about having 1,000,000 people who have knowingly asked to be on your list, or have decided to "opt-in" to something you put out there. All these people have chosen to listen to what you have to say and they will actually read what you have to say as well! How much more successful would you be if you did this?

Now, compare that to the poor online business professional that is still buying contact lists and seeing terrible returns on their investments. There are many ways to advertise and create a great list, but the main thing is be in front of the right people. The internet is so large that it is a huge waste of time marketing to everyone. But by choosing a niche audience life may be a bit sweeter!

The idea behind these capture pages is to entice the person who is on the page to take some sort of action. Hopefully if the capture page is doing its job, the person will leave their information. With many capture pages the marketer or advertiser will ask the person to leave their information so that they can learn more about the opportunity or whatever it is that the capture page is promoting.

Is a capture page a scam thing?

There are sites out there that abuse capture pages and have one capture page endlessly redirect to another and/or spam people that enter their email.  Because of this you may think that capture pages are associated with spam and scams and avoid it.  While it is true some people abuse capture pages most companies do not.  People have become used to capture pages whether from big companies or small companies and most people are not scared away by capture pages.

Now that you know what a capture page is, isn't it time for your to start using one?

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