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Table: members

Member (Affiliate)

Associated Objects: Members, Member


The id of the member
firstname VARCHAR(50) v3.21
The first name of the member
parentid INT(10) UNSIGNED v3.21
The id of the member's current parent (aka Sponsor, aka Referrer)
lastname VARCHAR(50) v3.21
The last name of the member
email VARCHAR(100) v3.21
The email of the member
username VARCHAR(25) v3.21
The username of the member
url VARCHAR(255) v3.21
The member's default redirect URL. The redirect URL is the URL of the page a person is redirected to after they optin to a capture page.
phone VARCHAR(20) v3.21
The phone number of the member.
password VARCHAR(50) v3.21
The password of the member. Stored with md5 encryption.
approved TINYINT(4) v3.21
The status of the member. If the value is 0 it means the member is inactive/suspended. If the value is greater than 0 it means the member is active. With a team system if the value of this field is 2 then it means the member belongs to the rotator.
added INT(10) UNSIGNED v3.21
The timestamp of the date/time the member was created
address VARCHAR(70) v3.21
The postal street address of the member
city VARCHAR(30) v3.21
The city the member lives in
state VARCHAR(25) v3.21
The state the member lives in
zipcode VARCHAR(12) v3.21
The postal zipcode the member lives in
country VARCHAR(30) v3.21
The country the member lives in
lastbroadcast INT(10) UNSIGNED v3.21
The timestamp of the date on which the member sent his last broadcast email
oparentid INT(10) UNSIGNED DEFAULT 1 v3.21
The id of the member's original parent (aka Original Sponsor). The oparentid and parentid may contain different values when using a passup system or a matrix where a person's parent is not always the person that referred them.
failedlogins TINYINT(4) DEFAULT 0 v3.21
The amount consecutive failed login attempts the member has made.
signupip VARCHAR(20) v3.21
The IP belonging to the member when they initially created their account
doubleoptin BIT(1) DEFAULT 0 v3.21
Specifies whether or not the members capture pages require double optin where a new contact has to confirm their email before joining the mailing list. If set to 0 then they do not require double optin confirmation. If set to 1 they do require double op
primarycgroup SMALLINT UNSIGNED DEFAULT 1 v3.21
The id of the primary Content Group for this member
The id of the membership which the member belongs to
nextbilldate INT(10) UNSIGNED v3.21
Timestamp of the date which the member should perform his next payment. This is for internal purposes only and if manually modified it will not cause the payment to be made on the date specified.
apikey VARCHAR(30) v3.21
The API key for the member to use to access their own API (v5.0)
contactnotify BIT(1) DEFAULT 1 v3.21
Set to 1 when the member wants to receive new contact notifications. If set to 0 the member will not receive new contact notifications.
constantcontacttoken VARCHAR(255) v4.03
Constant Contact Token
constantcontactusername VARCHAR(100) v4.03
Constant Contact Username
qualifycount SMALLINT(5) UNSIGNED DEFAULT 0 v4.03
set to 1 when account qualified
The id of the language that the members area is translated into when the member is logged in.
shoppergd VARCHAR(25) v4.3
The GoDaddy shopper id used when purchasing domain names.
timezone VARCHAR(50) DEFAULT 'America/New_York' v4.93
appkey VARCHAR(32) v4.94

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