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Software Files Technical Reference

This reference includes language codes (%l%), tilde codes (~~), and other basic details about all of the files in the members area. You can also get these same details when editing the file in the file manager.

Most Used Files


List of Software Files

Commission Tracking Tool

Member Showcase Tool

Affiliate Programs Tool

News Tool

External Billing Tool

Live Chat Tool

SMS/Voice Marketing Tool

Social Marketing Tool

Form Templates Tool

Page Funnel Tool

Blog Tool

Postal Tool

Slider Tool

Ad Coop Tool

Survey Tool

Forum Tool

Sport Leagues Tool

Legal Contracts Tool

Constant Contact Tool

Banner Creator Tool

WordPress Tool

URL Shortener Tool

Video Library Tool

Question and Answer Tool

Events Tool

Design Management Tool

Quran Tool

Quiz Tool

SEO Tool

Task Management Tool

Accounting Tool

Employee Management Tool

Study Tool

Billing Tool

Rank Tool

Email Marketing Tool

Downloads Tool

Banners Tool

Page Creator Tool

Calendar Tool

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