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Sports League Software

Sports League Software

Take your league to the next level. We combine sports league software with a sports league website.

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We combine your sports league website with tracking and billing software for your league so that you have everything in one place. Your website always stays up to date because it is connected to your tracking software so when you enter scores there it automatically feeds to your website. Everything is web based so you can access your league data anywhere you have an internet connection, including from your mobile phone.

Sports League Software
Sports League Website Creator
Email Marketing Software
SMS and Phone Broadcasting
Tournament Bracket Creator
Online Player Registration
Automatic Player Billing
Little League Software
Track Player Statistics
Social Media Marketing

Game And Tournament Scoring

Setup each team and keep track of game results. Our tournament bracket software allows you to setup your tournament bracket online. The online tournament bracket creator also allows you to export it to pdf at anytime so it is easy to print out a copy of the current results.

Track Player Statistics

Easily track individual player statistics using our sports league software. Our sport stats database is easily customizable to track any type of stat you need to track. Quickly compare statistics to see game performance, season performance or lifetime performance. Using our little league software you can maintain a history of player's statistics as they play for different teams as they change age groups.

Player Registration And Billing

Players can register to play with a team for the season and pay their registration fees online. You can setup either a one time payment for the league fees or setup recurring monthly payments so they are charged automatically each month.

Communicate With Players And Fans

Communication tools that allow you to easily stay in touch with your players and fans. Send out emails, SMS messages (mobile text), phone voice broadcasts, live chat, or send out updates to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. A player can have their own fans and communicate directly with them. A coach can communicate with all the players in their team and all of the fans belonging to them. The league admin can communicate with all players and fans from all teams. Fans can signup to get notifications of game results sent to their email or via SMS to their mobile phone. With just a few clicks you can notify your entire league at once and later view statistics to see who has viewed your message. Staying in touch with your entire league and reaching out to your fans has never been so easy!

Easily Update Your Website

A powerful sports league website creator allowing you to easily create and update your website without needing any technical background. If you include player statistics, game results, or tournament brackets on your website they are automatically updated without you having to edit your site. You can also allow each player or team to have their own web page that they can update themselves. You can let them edit the whole page, or just a section of the page.

Members Area

Every coach and player gets their own login to the members area. Inside the members area you can post important information for only coaches and/or players to see. You can add items to the calendar, upload files to download, post news and much more. Players can see their fans, see statistics and more.

Everything You Need In 1 Place

We provide all of your online/software needs for your league in one place. No need to work with multiple vendors or purchase different types of software. We make it easy for you to operate your league so you can concentrate on the league itself and not worry about the website. We have a support team that is here to help and we can do customizations, SEO, designs, and much more. Now that you have found us you do not need anyone else.

Setup Prices

$150 - Basic Sport League Tracking Software
$400 - Advanced Sport League Tracking Software

Ongoing Monthly Prices

$15 - Hosting
$0.02 Per Member(Player/Coach) Fee
$0.20 Per Member Transaction Fee

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Website Design
$125 - 1 Page
$250 - 3 Pages
$450 - 7 Pages

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