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When I go to the Manage Billing page it takes m...

Added: 02/01/2013   |   Updated: 4 Years Ago

Question   When I go to the Manage Billing page it takes me to the memberships and there is no place here to add a billing option on it. Why is this?

Answer    This is because under commission tracking plugin settings you have direct payment to Members turned on.
When using direct payment, you instead put the amounts for membership payments into the Members package section,
and not on the manage billing page.

Below is a document describing direct payment in more detail:

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Q. Is there a way to setup up membership A, membership B, and a Master membership (includes both A and B)?

A. Yes, using Access Levels it is possible to have memberships, and "Master" memberships having access to all the items in the memberships below them. 
You can also have multiple levels of this type of "extending" access (where the higher the membership, the more items you get access to).

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Q. Do I need to purchase anything extra in order to be able to charge people for my software?

A. Yes, you need to purchase the billing tool.

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Q. What is the notify URL when editing an external billing product?

A. The notify URL allows you to send a notification to a URL when a payment is made for an external billing product.

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Q. How do I control what capture pages, banners, and autoresponders that a membership has access to?

A. Typically the best approach is to setup content groups for the memberships.  When editing the content group specify the membership for it.  Then, when editing the pages, banners, etc., you can assign them to a content group so only members of memberships in those content groups can see it.

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Q. How do I setup separate memberships and have the ability for them to buy them all as a big membership?

A. Each of the smaller memberships would need an access level of 9 or less. The umbrella or big membership that included all the smaller memberships would need to be set to access level 10.

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