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Can I offer both monthly and annual subscriptio...

Added: 01/24/2012   |   Updated: 4 Years Ago

Question   Can I offer both monthly and annual subscriptions for the same product?

Answer    With regular payments (not direct payments) it's possible for you to setup yourself through the Member Area, yourself.  When using Direct Payment it is possible to do it by manually creating the button (a bit technical) and is something we can do for you as a support request for $10-$100 of credits depending on the complexity.

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Q. If someone cancels their monthly subscription what happens to their account?

A. There is a setting under advanced features where you can choose to either have them suspended or to have them downgraded to another membership.  Also, you can specify to have them suspended on the date their subscription would have renewed instead of instantly.  The default for these 2 settings is to have them suspended instantly.

If they are suspended:
  • It will show suspended on the members page:/admin/members
  • When they login they will be redirected the the suspended page and asked to make payment to renew their membership subscription.

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