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Where do I set the commission amount?

Added: 03/30/2012   |   Updated: 3 Years Ago

Question   Where do I set the commission amount?

Answer    When logged in as the admin go to the "Referral Program" page.
There will be a button to add a tier.  Click this button to add however many tiers (levels deep) that you will pay.
If only the person that referred the new Member gets paid then you would only need one tier.
After clicking the button to add the tier a box will appear where you can earn the percentage of the entire sale that the Member should earn.

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Q. Is the paypal commission payout automatic?

A. No, the commission is not distributed automaticly.
However, there is an export to csv report that can be used to create a file that can be imported into PayPal to pay everyone at once.
This report is at the bottom of the "Referral Marketing" page when logged in as the admin.

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Q. During a trial offer, can they qualify for commission?

A. Yes, during a trial someone is still able to qualify for commission.

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Q. With the External Billing Tool can you pay out different commissions for different products?

A. Yes, you can have each product have it's own commission.  You can also have it where different memberships get different commission payouts for the same product.

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Q. Where in my admin does the software process the commissions and automatically pay them?

A. There is a report on the "Referral Program" page at the bottom of the page where you can see who has earned what and what payouts you need to make.
You need to manually do payouts.  For PayPal and Payza there is an export to CSV option which allows you to make all of the payouts at once.

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Q. Does making payouts outside the software mean making payouts manually?

A. Yes, you will have to do them manually.

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