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Added: 04/05/2012   |   Updated: 9 Years Ago

Question   Does your software have a centralized database that is upload/downloadable data?

Answer    There is upload/download via csv features.  The database itself you do not have access to (unless you are doing a cloud/dedicated server), however we can provide you with backups or make changes to it for you as needed.

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Q. How do I manually create an email account in the mysql database?

A. Inside the client admin there is a way to easily add email accounts for a site and you do not need this guide.

NOTE: This guide is intended for developers working on systems that have a dedicated server.

Every server has a database titled: wmtserver

Inside of this database there is a table titled: emailaccounts

You can manually create email accounts by inserting them into the emailaccounts table.

Below is an explination of each column in the emailaccounts table:
email: The email address.  Do not include @domainname.com.  So for example if you are making an email myemail@mydomain.com then you should enter myemail into this field.
password: The password (without any encoding, salt, etc) of the email account.
siteid: This is the id of the site (domain) that the email belongs to.  You can get the siteid of a site by going into webmarketingtool.com and going to the page for the site and the page URL is site.php?id=# where # is the siteid for that site.
forwarding: If you want the email to forward to another email, enter the email address that it should forward to.  Otherwise leave this field blank.

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Q. How do I change WordPress from one domain to another domain in the mysql database using php code?

A. The code below can be used to modify the paths used inside of WordPress when transferring to a new domain, or to a new path on the same domain. Only run the file once and then delete it from the server. Also, first backup the database incase you run into any issues.

Additional Steps:
Make sure to update wp_options table where you see former domain name to using the new domain.
In WP Multisite (Our WP Replicating Blog feature) you must also update the wp_blogs table where you see the old domain in the domain field for each site.

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Q. Can the auto-responder messages have auto-merge fields from the database?

A. Yes, the autoresponder can contain the details for the Members/Contacts using ~~ fields (exa: ~firstname~).

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Q. Is it possible to copy our current database of members from one software to another?

A. Yes, to copy over Members you would need to export the Members to a csv file from one software and then import them into the other software.

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Q. Do I get access to the SQL database?


Dedicated Server

Yes, phpMyAdmin. With a dedicated server ($100+ a month) through us you have phpMyAdmin access. 

Shared Hosting

With a shared hosting account you can use our database view page found on the site page to view the database (but not able to edit like phpMyAdmin).  For editing you have to do it via php code.

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