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Added: 07/18/2014   |   Updated: 3 Years Ago

Adding Additional 3rd Party Autoresponders

Your software comes with nine 3rd party autoresponders already setup.  You can remove them if you don't want them and/or add new ones.

Additional 3rd Party Autoresponders Can Be Added

Most 3rd party autoresponders can be added as an option.  Adding new ones requires advanced html skills.  We can add it for you as a support request which typically costs $10-$25 depending on the difficulty involved.  If we are doing it for you please provide us with temporary login to a paid account with the 3rd party autoresponder so we can set it up.  If we are unable to add it you are only charged the $5 minimum support request fee as a research fee.

How to Add a 3rd Party Autoresponder Yourself

Go to the setup 3rd party autoresponder page and add a 3rd party autoresopnder.  To get the values you will use for each field you will need to view the html code of the 3rd party autoresponders form.  You will get the values of the following fields and copy them from the html code into the form when adding the 3rd party autoresponder.  When you edit the 3rd party autoresponder you will have additional optional fields you may use.

Title of Autoresponder - What you want the 3rd party autoresponder to be called in the drop down that members see.
Field 1-3 Title - These are 3 variables to use for populating information into the hidden fields and/or action of the form.  This is the title that members will see when setting up their 3rd party autoresponder.  You do not have to use all 3 fields.  The amount of fields you will use depends on the amount of custom user-specific information the 3rd party autoresponder form needs.
Form Action - This is the value of the action property of the form (the URL the form posts to)
First Name Form Name - This is the value of the name (name="value") of the first name input box.
Last Name Form Name - This is the value of the name (name="value") of the last name input box.
Email Form Name - This is the value of the name (name="value") of the email input box.
Phone Form Name - This is the value of the name (name="value") of the phone input box.
Additional Form Names Prefix - This is a prefix that goes in front of custom fields names.  Create 2 custom fields in the 3rd party autoresponder and then see if their input name has something in front of them.  For example if the names of the 2 custom fields are "cfMobile" and "cfSkype" then the value you would use is cf.  If you are unable to find the value leave it blank.
Hidden Fields - Get all the hidden input fields and put them here.  Replace ~field1title~, ~field2title~, ~field3title~ with custom information provided by the member.  Put ~redirect~ where the redirect URL is specified.

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