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Commission Tiers

Added: 03/10/2014   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago
Tiers control how many many people get paid when someone signs up. For example, with a 2 tier both the sponsor and the sponsor's sponsor is paid for every person they refer. There is no limit to the amount of tiers you can setup UNLESS you are using Direct Payment, in which case there is a 2 tier limit. PLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM TO READ DETAILS IF USING DIRECT PAYMENT AND IGNORE EVERYTHING ELSE AS IT DOES NOT APPLY.

Commissions are not applied automatically when a person purchases a membership. Instead the commissions are applied each night in the middle of the night. This gives you a chance to make modifications incase there is duplicate payments, incorrect sponsor, or any other situation where you would like to make an adjustment before the commission is applied. You can force the commission to be applied by visiting the URL below:

There are 2 types of commission tiers
1- Fixed Commission
2- Percentage Commission

Can be controled from Advanced Features->Commission Tracking Tool Settings->Commission Type

1- For Systems using One Payment To Admin:

Add commission tiers To add a commission Tiers go to your-domain.com/admin/referralprogram

If you have a Pro system then you will have the ability to setup specific commission tiers for different membership types (like in the screenshot above). When doing this, the commission listed under the membership is the commission that any qualifying member that refers someone to this membership will earn. So, for example, in the example above, the membership titled DEFAULT has a $3 commission that anyone that refers someone into this membership will earn that $3. However, you could use the links at the bottom to say that a specific membership will earn a different amount when referring someone to this membership. So, you can say that if a member belonging to d2 membership refers someone to the default membership that they will earn $4 instead of earning the $3 that everyone else would earn.

2- For Systems using Direct Payment

Add Commission Tier to a Membership
Direct payment commissions are paid directly to the member to their personal account (So they have access to the money right away). The following steps are showing how to add a commission tier to direct payment system.

1- Add number of tiers needed by going to Advanced Features-> Commission Tracking Tool Settings -> Tiers

2- Go to edit membership to add commission values as follows

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