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What is an API?

Added: 10/01/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   What is an API?

Answer    An application programming interface, or API, allows other websites to communicate with our website sending commands to add/edit/delete items and getting reports.

These are used by developers to integrate 3rd party software with our software.  For example, our API allows you to have members automatically created in your system when someone signs up at a separate site you own.

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Q. How do you setup a purchase SMS credits button with the SMS Marketing tool combined with the External Billing tool?

A. External Billing Add Payment Screenshot
1) Setup an external billing product for selling the credits.

2) Add a billing option to the product.

External Billing Add Notify URL Screenshot
3) Edit the Notify URL for the product putting your URL as shown below:

# = Replace # with the amount of credits to add when payment is made
XXXX = Put your API Key from Advanced Features.
yourURL.com = Put your domain name.

4) You can then get the URL or ~~ code to use when when editing billing for placing the button throughout your site.

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Q. If I provide the api key to a third party affiliate program, will a new member signup in that program automatically create an account in my site for that member?

A. YES, it is possible to set it up using our API so that when someone joins the 3rd party system an account is created in the WMT Software.
If this is possible depends on the 3rd party software.
It would need to be modified so that when someone joins it, it calls the WMT API requesting that a new account is created.

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Q. Do you have an api to connect on my system,so whenever my members will not pay on my system it will cancel automatically all of his landing pages and are we later able to enable him?

A. Yes, we do.  In the document linked below in the section update member there is details about the API that allows you to suspend a member.  When suspended they will not be able to receive new contacts from the capture pages.

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Q. Which CSS property changes text to uppercase, lowercase or capitalized?

A. Text-transform

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Q. How do I make an image or icon with a rollover effect that shows a download icon on top of the image?

A. Below is code you can use to create the effect show above:
The first 3 lines are jQuery and Bootstrap includes. If you already have them included you can remove it. Also, it is only needed for the download icon, so if you use a different icon or an image you don't need it.

In the line below change the 250px to be the height of the thumbnail:
.download .overlay i{line-height:250px}

The code below is for the icon. It can be swapped out with whatever you want (different icon, image, text, etc):
<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-download-alt"></i>

Replace "IMAGE-large.jpg" with the larger image that will be downloaded when clicked.

Replace "IMAGE-smaller.jpg" with the smaller image used for the thumbnail.

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Q. P{text-transform:capitalize;}

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