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Added: 01/23/2013   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   How can we upgrade Members to another membership when they send us payment manually?

Answer    Go to "Members" then find the Member that you want to change the membership for and click on their membership.
It will give you a list of available memberships that you can click on to change the membership.
After that, click the billing link on the right side and enter in the amount you received there.
Entering the billing amount is not needed if you are not paying commissions.

If using direct payment the process is different.
You would still change their membership, but instead of clicking on billing to enter the amount
you will click on the amount column that appears next to the username and enter it there.
NOTE: You will need to click the red suspended link to unsuspend them if they are suspended.

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Q. When a member purchases a new membership will everything be in the same members area or will it be separate like they have two member areas?

A. If an existing Member purchased into a separate membership if they use the same email, then they would cancel their old subscription and would belong to the new membership.  If they use a new email and have 2 separate accounts, then they would have 2 separate logins and see separate things in each members area.

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Q. If I have several membership types and they are free, how I can have it so a member is put into that membership when they join?

A. When editing the membership, in the URL at top you can see the id for the membership.  Then, use that id for the membership and add it to the url as shown below replacing the id number with ID:

So, for example if it is for username john and membership id 3 it would look like:

Or if putting it inside the WYSIWYG of a capture page you would put the following code for membership id 3

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Q. When using direct payment option how can a person upgrade and have more then 1 membership?

A. A member cannot belong to more than 1 membership. Instead, you can setup so each membership has different content.
Then make the membership that the member upgrades to include all the content from the member's original membership.
You can do this by setting up content groups and attaching them to content.

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Q. Is there a way to setup up membership A, membership B, and a Master membership (includes both A and B)?

A. Yes, using Access Levels it is possible to have memberships, and "Master" memberships having access to all the items in the memberships below them. 
You can also have multiple levels of this type of "extending" access (where the higher the membership, the more items you get access to).

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Q. How do I setup separate memberships and have the ability for them to buy them all as a big membership?

A. Each of the smaller memberships would need an access level of 9 or less. The umbrella or big membership that included all the smaller memberships would need to be set to access level 10.

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Q. Why is it that when an existing member upgrades their account it creates a new PROCESSING record for them?
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Q. How do I control what capture pages, banners, and autoresponders that a membership has access to?
Q. When I go to the Manage Billing page it takes me to the memberships and there is no place here to add a billing option on it. Why is this?

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