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Can other features be added to your software?

Added: 07/13/2011   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   Can other features be added to your software?


Yes. We do monthly upgrades to our software. You are allowed to request a set number of new features based on your subscription package. Customizations take 1-3 months, but it provides a stable, full featured release. We can also do customizations on demand starting at $200+.

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Q. Where do I go to purchase upgrade request credits and submit an upgrade request?

A. To create an upgrade request:
  1. Log into the WMT Client Admin.
  2. Go to the page for your site.
  3. Click the "Site" tab to open it (if it is not already open).
  4. Click on the "Upgrade Requests" tab.
  5. There you will see a form to create your upgrade request.
  6. After your upgrade request is submitted we will review it and then send an email detailing how many credits it will take and which version it would be included it.
  7. Click the link in the email to view and approve the request.

It will not let you approve a request if you do not have enough credits. To purchase credits send us an email specifying how many credits you would like to purchase and we will send you an invoice.

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Q. When I upgrade my site, will my site be down at all while its being upgraded?

A. No, your site will only go down if we are transfering it.  An upgrade does not put the site down.

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Q. Is there a page where I can see the latest improvements/upgrades to the software?
Q. Can your company design my capture page according to my specific business, product, or service?

A. Yes, we do offer custom capture page designs.

We would design the capture page to market your specific buisness, product, and service.
Our software is also customizable, using a support request and upgrade request process to enable you to better market your specific business, product, and service.

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Q. Can the software utilize the members email address as the outbound mailing server rather than utilizing the hosting email exchange server? (rather than using syn.com the mailing server can we use the members g-mail account)

A. It is not possible to have the emails actually come from a persons 3rd party email account (exa: GMail).  However, the respond to email address is always set to the email address of the Member (so if someone responds to the email it would respond to their gmail).
Also, it is possible to force it to "look" like it was sent from their email, but we do not advise this as it causes email delivery rates to be lower.  Also, it is possible for us to build out a feature allowing it to send the emails through their 3rd party email (we would do the major ones like GMail and Yahoo) as an upgrade request.

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Q. Do you guys provide ongoing programmer support
Q. Is there a way to show more than 50 Contacts per page?
Q. When we request capture page videos to be editable is it a software upgrade, or does it happen per capture page?

Q. With the Members Showcase Tool how can I control the amount of programs they can showcase?
Q. In the genealogy list will there be a different color for third and fourth level similar to how the second level is yellow?

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