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Adding Members

Added: 07/14/2014   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Adding Members


Our software offers the ability to either allow free signup or to charge fees for membership.

Open Enrollment (Free for Anyone)

Members can get full access once they join without making any payments.
Free Signup can be applied to a membership or to the entire system

Private Enrollment (Paid/Etc)

There are 2 types of Paid signup
- Pay first: Members should pay before joining then use the email they paid with on the join page.
- Join then pay: Members can join but they can't access their Members Area until they pay their subscription

To join they should should go to

Once they have joined every member has a replicated site which he can use to get contacts and start sending autoresponse messages

Members can login to their Members Area using

Questions And Answers

How do you replicate websites automatically?

Where do I edit the new Member welcome email?

What happens if I have a Member with the username TEMP and I change it?

What is the name of the create account page and how do I change it?

How do I set the software so that access to the Member Area is not given until after payment is received?

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