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Added: 12/29/2013   |   Updated: 4 Years Ago

How Members Can Upgrade Their Membership

The way members upgrade their membership depends on if you are using direct payment or not. Direct payment is a Pro System setting for the commission tracking tool where members are paid direcly.  By default your system is set to "One Payment to Admin".

One Payment To Admin

By default, on the order page (your-domain.com/order) payment buttons appear where a member can upgrade their membership. You can also use the ~~ codes provided for pasting the buttons on web pages (capture/landing/etc).

Direct Payment

To make a button for members to upgrade their membership create a button linking to:

You will need to replace NEW_MEMBERSHIP_ID with the new membership id that you want members to upgrade to.

Edit membership

Get the Membership ID

Login to the admin account and go to:
Then click on membership title to edit it.

Membership ID
Then copy membership ID from page URL as shown in the image.

Then replace us that number for the ID.
For example if the ID was 2 your URL would look like:

With direct payment the Member is suspended untill he pays to unlock new membership.

Questions And Answers

If a member upgrades or downgrades, how can they keep their account without starting over?

When a member purchases a new membership will everything be in the same members area or will it be separate like they have two member areas?

When using direct payment option how can a person upgrade and have more then 1 membership?

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