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Direct Payment

Added: 03/08/2012   |   Updated: 3 Years Ago
The Order Process
How Payment Buttons Work
Additional Features
Member Variables

Direct Payment allows member to receive payments directly. This makes it so there is no need for the admin to send payouts to members of commission earned. With Direct Payment visitors who order will make separate payments to each party being payed.

Direct Payment is a part of the Commission Tracking Tool. This tool must first be installed to use Direct Payment. Also, Direct Payment requires a Pro version of our software and will not work on a Team system.

The Order Process
  1. A visitor goes to the "Create Account" page (your-domain.com/join/~username~) and fills out the form to create their account.
  2. After the visitors fills out the form a suspended account is created and they are directed to a page prompting them to make payment to the admin (if the admin is being payed).
  3. After they have paid the admin they are prompted to pay their sponsor.
  4. After paying their sponsor they are directed to make payment to their sponsor's sponsor if it is setup for 2 tiers.
  5. After all parties has been paid the member is marked as approved and then redirected to their members area

How Payment Buttons Work

Additional Features


Member Variables
In order to add support for payment buttons for a merchant you will need to setup member variables for that merchant. We can set this up for you as a support request. Below are a list of the member variables that need to be created for each payment processor listed below:

Payza Email
Payza Security Code

PayPal Email

Solid Trust Pay Username
Solid Trust Pay Subscription ID

EgoPay (v4.24+)
EgoPay Store ID
EgoPay Store Password

Payza Setup Instructions
This must be done by EVERY affiliate using Payza:
  1. Login to Payza.
  2. Go to 'Business Tools' and under 'Instant Payment Notification IPN' select 'IPN Setup'.
  3. Set 'IPN Status' to 'Enabled'.
  4. Leave 'Allow Encrypted Return URL IPN' as 'Disabled'.
  5. Set the Alert URL to
  6. Copy the 'Security Code' from Payza to the 'Security Code' field on the left.
  7. Leave 'Test Mode' set to 'Disabled' and click 'Update'

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