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Piggyback Domains
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Added: 04/10/2012   |   Updated: 7 Years Ago
Piggyback Domains

A piggyback domain is an additional domain added to your system which replicates for all of your members.
For example, if the domain name for your system is yoursystem.com, you can also have additional domains setup with replicating pages.
These additional domains are called piggyback domains.  So, if a user with the username "demo" belongs to yoursystem.com,
and you add a piggyback domain called yourpiggyback.com, then yourpiggyback.com/demo will be username demo's replicated page on the piggyback domain.

Questions And Answers

What is a piggyack domain (explain)?

What is the difference between buying a domain name and doing piggy back vs us buying the same domain name and paying you for the transfer?

How does a piggyback domain work?

can i add subdomain names for my main domain name?

Does the software provide the use of multiple domains with multiple websites all offering separate autoresponder tracking and groups?

As I create additional pages and resource pages under that membership will it automatically show up under that piggyback URL?

Can i replicate my current software on another domain with the exact same pages and everything except to go to a different landing page and autoresponder messages?

Is there a way to change the contact notification email so members know which piggyback domain the lead is coming from?

Can a piggy back account have a different backoffice look and header or all have to land on the same back office as my main site?

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