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Added: 12/03/2011   |   Updated: 3 Years Ago

Question   How do I add a specific member to get paid (exa: an instructor) when an external billing product is purchased?

Answer    When using the external billing plugin, in combination with the commission tracking plugin, you are able to define that a specific member gets paid when a purchase is made.  You can add a drop down to the order form, and have it pay a different member based off which drop down option a person selects when ordering the product. 

An example of how you might use this, is if you are conducting training in several locations across the USA, and each location has a diferent instructor. 
You can create a drop down for the person to select the Location when ordering the product.  Then, based off which location is selected, you can have the instructor (a member) get paid a specified amount.

To do this first go to the "Manage External Billing Page".

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and in the "Additional Variables" section, add an additional variable.

After you have added the additional variable, click the icon to edit it:

On the edit page, add drop down values for each location, attach it to the member receiving the payment, then specify the amount they receive:

You can use this for several other scenarios also.  In the location example we had multiple people getting paid based off which location was selected.  If you wish for only one member to get paid, then add only one drop down value. (Yes, you must make it a drop down, but you can limit it to only one possible value so one person gets paid a specific amount no matter what.)

The amount the member receives would be in addition to any payment he receives from the normal commission tiers setup under the product.

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Q. Can external billing work with commission tracking plugin?

A. Yes, it works with commission tracking plugin

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Q. With the External billing Tool can you pay out different commissions for different products?

A. Yes, you can have each product have it's own commission.  You can also have it where different memberships get different commission payouts for the same product.

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Q. How do I add a promo code to an external billing product?


The promo code allow you to give out discounts to products. If the client has the correct promo code he will get a discount on the product. The promo code only works for Authorize.net, First Data, or other payments where the credit card information is entered on your site.

How to add a promo code?
1- go to edit product page http://YOURDOMAIN.com/admin/editexternalbillingproduct.php?id=PRODUCT-ID

2- Insert discount amount and the desired promo code as shown below

3- Promo code will display in orderform.php page

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Q. How do I add an external billing product?

A. Below are instructions showing how to setup billing buttons for External Billing Products.

Add a Product

Add a product
To add a product put the title of the product in the title box and click Add product button.
Edit Product Details

Add product details
Success URL The url where someone is redirected after making the payment
Notify URL The url we got from adcoop.php (previous step)
Contact Group The group of contacts where new contacts will be assigned

Add Commission Tiers

Adding commission tiers (OPTIONAL)
This feature requires Commission Tracking Plugin
Using this feature, members can get commission for each product sold based on tiers details.

Payment Method

Setup Payment Options
Select your prefered payment option from drop down then click on setup payment option button. This will take you to set up page where you can enter your payment processor details and get your billing buttons setup.

Promo discount

Promo Code (discounts)
To add a promo code for discount fill promo code form by putting discount amount and promo code in text fields then click add promo code. It will create a field in order page which will allow buyer to get discount based on promo code entered.

Additional Variables

Additional Variables:
Adding an additional field in order form page

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Q. Can anyone purchase an external billing product or does the person have to be a member?

A. Yes, people can purchase external billing products without being a member.
It creates a contact for the record of the client and the sale is attached to the contact.

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