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Is there a way to change my username in Web Mar...

Added: 08/26/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Is there a way to change my username in Web Marketing Tool (WMT Client Admin)?

Answer    Yes, but we have to make the change for you.  You would simply need to email us your old username and what you want your new username to be.

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Q. How do I fix a member that has the username of TEMP987?

A. The processing records are Members that paid, but never filled out the form to create their account.
The process is, they pay first, and then afterwards go to the join page to create their account.
When they pay, the processing record is created, and then when they fill out the form, it is populated with their information.
If they pay, but never fill out the form, then they will show up as processing until they create their account.
With these records, you should send them to the join page to finish creating their account.

Don't try to edit the processing records yourself by putting in their information
(the processing account is missing several things and needs to go through the join process),
instead, fill out the form on the join page using the same email that shows for processing.

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Q. What happens if I have a Member with the username TEMP and I change it?

A. A username of TEMP987 means the person didn't complete the setup process and needs to finish creating the account (and then it will change from TEMP987).
If you manually modify the TEMP987 record while logged in as the admin to something else,
then the Member account that was TEMP987 is not completely setup and doesn't have it's primary capture page loaded and other minor issues like not having a signature loaded.

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Q. Is it possible to edit the username portion of the url: domainname.com/username?

A. Yes, it can be changed, but you need to be logged in as the admin to change it.  You can either send the change request to your site admin, or let us know what you want your new username to be.

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Q. When contacts come through is there a way to tell which advertisement they are coming from?

A. You are able to define a tracking campaign; the tracking information is included in the notification email that is sent and also stored in the members Area.

There is a section in the members area where you and your members can create url's to track different tracking campaigns when using a capture page. 

Also, you can specify the tracking yourself by adding a hidden field to the form with the name "tracking" and for the value the title of the tracking campaign.

Also, you can append tracking details on the end of a URL of a page. For example if your URL looks like this:
To add a tracking campaign titled facebook you will add it to the end like this:

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Q. How can we upgrade Members to another membership when they send us payment manually?

A. Go to "Members" then find the Member that you want to change the membership for and click on their membership.
It will give you a list of available memberships that you can click on to change the membership.
After that, click the billing link on the right side and enter in the amount you received there.
Entering the billing amount is not needed if you are not paying commissions.

If using direct payment the process is different.
You would still change their membership, but instead of clicking on billing to enter the amount
you will click on the amount column that appears next to the username and enter it there.
NOTE: You will need to click the red suspended link to unsuspend them if they are suspended.

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